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We are united by the desire to make a free cross-platform business application accessible to everyone. Below you'll find ways to get involved in the Deskfiler community as well as links to resources that can help you to further develop and understand Deskfiler.

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An easy way to send us feedback or to work directly on Deskfiler is through Github

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Get to know Deskfiler by reading the docs. Source, development of core and plugin applications is describe here

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Get answers to your questions, stay up to date and connect with the Deskfiler community by checking out the links below.

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Read through the Deskfiler documentation. Work on new features, solving issues and more.

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Follow Deskfiler and the team on Twitter. Get information on new features, upcoming events and more.

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Found some bugs or simply need some help with Deskfiler?
Contact our support team and we will help you.

Email us at: support(at)deskfiler.org