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Safe and signed download for Windows, Mac and Linux.

The fastest and easiest way to develop JavaScript applications on all platforms

Code and deploy your application to the community driven Deskfiler plugin library, for free!


Download the barebone example plugin from the plugin library and unpack it


Read the documentation or jump right in and modify the code to your needs and wishes


Twine in your functionality, pack and install the plugin on Deskfiler, it's as easy as that

Powerful Deskfiler Plugins

App development made easy

The fastest way to develop and publish a Javascript application for cross-platform use on Deskfiler. The bareBone plugin shows you the basic functionality of Deskfiler plugins and you can afterwards unpack and modify the plugin to your needs. It is a simple example plugin for Deskfiler, in which you can then twine in your own functionality.

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Write useful apps!

Developer beginners and professionals alike are invited to write plugins for Deskfiler

We use ElectronJS at Deskfiler's core and as such it has never been that easy developing for all platform at the same time. Code once and deploy on every operating system natively with the power of HTML5, CSS and Javascript.

Learn how to write useful plugins for Deskfiler by simply reading the documentation, afterwards you might even be able to contribute to the main source code on Github!

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